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Irrigation, Sprinkler, Soakers and Drainage 

EL Irrigation and Landscaping offers all of your lawn care, and irrigation needs! We specialize in Landscaping, Irrigation, Sprinklers, and Drainage. Not only do we take care of all of your new installations, but we also offer repairs to your existing sprinkler system.

Drainage is something that a lot of people overlook and how important it is to have proper drainage; not only from your garden, but from your residence or building. Water build up can damage the foundation, which will end up costing you more money to get fixed! Let us help you design a beautiful and functional drainage system that will compliment your landscape. Preventive maintenance is the key!

New Landscape Design and Maintenance

New landscapes or updating the existing landscape, EL Irrigation and Landscaping can help you!  Creating the Perfect landscape in Southeast Texas can be challenging, due to our quick weather changes and unusual winter and summer months! But let us, at EL Irrigation take all of the guess work out of it for you! We offer landscapes that will flourish in any Texas weather!

Do you already have an idea of something that you want to create? Or are you starting from scratch with no clue? We can help you as much or as little as you want! We offer low maintenance landscapes and we have different designs to fit any budget. Looking good does not have to cost a fortune!

Get the yard you have always dreamed of and increase the value of your home! Landscaping is not just for beautification, it is an investment! Call us and let us help you beautify your yard today!

Lawn Care Service

Year round Lawn Care Service is something that is also deemed as not being very important for most home owners. But it is essential to have year round care to keep your lawn looking its best! From seeding, fertilizing and pesticide application, we can help you year round to keep your yard looking spectacular! We offer year round service, with or without contracts to both residential and commercial establishments.

Even though not as many cuts will need to be done in the cold winter months, there is still a need for maintenance, leaf removal, fertilization and other services that will require regular, year round care. Call us and let us help you design and maintain your landscape in and out of growing season!

Harscape and Ground Cover

Do you hate watering plants all the time? Or does the grass not grow at your location, no matter what you do? Not really a green thumb; do you just look at plants and they start to wither away and die? Or do you have allergies and flowers are just not "your thing?"  If you answered yes, to any of these questions... then let us make a beautiful harscape for you! Entertain your guests, or just sit back and relax in your beautiful and cozy, harscape backyard! We have many designs to fit your personality and your pocket book! Cover the yard with inexpensive harscape and maybe add a little ground cover to spruce it up!  We offer free estimates, and will help you get the backyard that you have always dreamed of, at a fraction of the cost!


Disappearing Fountains

A beautiful illusion of flowing water, that trickles down from vases and disappears!  No splashing or standing water can be seen!  A wonderful and tranquil addition to your backyard, or business!  Can be created indoors or outdoors.  Easy to install and very easy to upkeep.  Vases, Basins, Jugs, Planters and Urns come in a variety of styles, colors and textures, to match any home decor.  Can be custom built for any size you need.  Some are as small as a round kitchen table!  Any size and color to fit your needs.  Call us today and let us help you get your Disappearing Fountain up and running.  EL Irrigation has been installing Disappearing Fountains in businesses all across Southeast Texas.   







Are you one that forgets to water your lawn and garden? Or do you just not have time to do so? We can help! We not only install, but we repair sprinkler systems.



Drainage is just as important, if not more important than irrigation! Remove unwanted water from your building! Water puddles not only damage foundations but it is a breeding ground for Texas Mosquitoes!



Let us take the hard work out of your landscaping project. We design, maintain and install harscape for your home or business!




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